Taking Minutes Effectively


This course is for managers, secretaries, PAs, administrators indeed anyone involved in taking minutes at formal or informal meetings. It will provide you with the confidence and skills to produce accurate, clear and professional minutes by taking you step-by-step through the process of meeting preparation, listening actively for the key points, using an appropriate method of note taking, through to the final production of a concise and accurate set of minutes. You don't need shorthand for this course. The course is interactive, allowing you opportunity to discuss and apply new learning in a relaxed workshop environment.


By the end of the course you will be able to:

•  Prepare thoroughly for taking minutes

•  Work effectively with the chairperson

•  Overcome distractions and other blocks to listening

•  Identify what is relevant and what can be excluded

•  Select and use an appropriate technique for note taking

•  Produce a clearly written and appropriately worded set of minutes

•  Follow conventions for the format of minutes


Establishing the basic principles of minute taking

Different types of minute

Why minutes are necessary

Circulation and readership of minutes


Agenda and meeting preparation

Establishing the importance of thorough preparation

Consulting the relevant documents

Liaising with the appropriate people

Underlining the importance of a well-planned agenda


Effective listening skills

Practical considerations

Overcoming the common obstacles to listening

Listening actively and maintaining your concentration levels

Identifying relevant points from a discussion


Methods of note taking

Practical considerations

Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of various methods

Choosing the most appropriate method for the type of minute required

Getting notes down in a manageable format

Ensuring accuracy and highlighting key points


Writing the minutes

Following conventions of structure, layout and house style

Establishing the ABC of good writing

Using the correct tense


Practical exercise

Practising the skills of listening, making notes and writing up minutes

Feedback and review

Action planning